Success Stories

Michelle’s Story

Thanks to Syed Ali for his terrific film entitled “I Can” that highlights the struggles and successes for a family and their child, Michelle.
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Paula with housemates

Paula’s Story

Our family attended St. Francis Church, the supportive faith community which assisted with PCL’s beginnings. My friend/client Eleanor Horrigan, a former board member of PCL, would chat me up about PCL and I would contribute gift certificates for fundraisers. Through Eleanor, my
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Nancy M

Nancy’s Story

Nancy came to PCL in September 2005, also known as “way back when.” During the summer of 2010, she moved her things into the newest PCL home, Casey. Nancy comes from a big family of 4 sisters and 2 brothers, so getting used to 4 friends to share a house with, although shy
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Steven’s Story

Steven became part of the PCL family in January 2007 when he moved away from his family home for the first time and into PCL’s home on Westheights Dr. Currently Steven lives in the Westvale home where he very much enjoys spending time with his housemates and helping out with yard wo
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Gary and David

David O’s Story

According to some research, there are three things that everyone needs to be happy: a home of your own, meaningful work and friends. David has been supported by PCL for approximately 17 years. Nine of these were at the Queen St. Apartment, two at Westheights, and most recently, six at
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