Parents for Community Living is committed to building a diverse workforce reflective of Canadian society that promotes employment equity and inclusion.

Parents for Community Living (PCL) stands together with our community in the fight against hatred and racism.  PCL acknowledges the devastating impact racism has on individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole. PCL recognizes the need to raise awareness and effect meaningful change to counteract racism. As an organization founded on the principles of diversity and inclusion, Parents for Community Living is proud of the cultural diversity represented in our staff teams and among (or within) the people we support. It is our differences, unique life experiences, and varying perspectives that add richness, purpose and meaning to all of our lives. Parents for Community Living will neither tolerate nor turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion. We encourage everyone who sees an injustice to not remain silent, but rather say something,  let their voice be heard, and be part of initiating any needed change.

As an organization, Parents for Community Living will continue to embrace the diversity of its members as we work together to fulfill our vision that every person lives with dignity as a valued member of the community.


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